The Risk of Mosquitoes

Imagine you’re having a get together with your family at a lake. A grill is going, kids are running around having fun, and the smell of food drifts on the wind. It’s a pleasant time, but then you hear a whining noise in your ear. It’s a small insect, roughly 1/8 of an inch long, and you wave it off. It doesn’t end there, though. Suddenly, your arm itches.

In the summer months, people spend more time outdoors. That also means they’re exposed to mosquitoes more often. In the above scenario, the itch on the arm is the first sign that mosquitoes are in the area. Mosquitoes are drawn to the heat our bodies give off, as well as our sweat. Their eyes are able to see thermal sensory information. Mosquitoes love moisture, which is why they will go for someone who is sweating and why you can find them often around standing water.

Mosquitoes pose a threat that’s more than just an irritating itch. They can carry several diseases and are responsible for many deaths every year. The United States were able to create a solution to malaria, but other countries don’t have that option. They can also carry West Nile virus, a virus transmitted by an infected mosquito. There isn’t any known medical treatment for West Nile, but it’s fortunate that only 1 out of 150 people develop a fatal illness. Dengue Fever can be confused with other illnesses, but is also carried by a mosquito. The symptoms include nausea, rash, and aches and pains – typically behind the eyes, muscles, joins, or bone pain.

But humans aren’t the only ones at risk. West Nile has been reported to be passed to animals through a mosquito bite, as well.

Protection is important. As always, it’s better to be proactive than to be reactive. So what can you do to prevent mosquito bites? First, wear clothing that covers as much skin as possible. This includes long sleeved shirts. Skin So Soft is also effective in keeping them off of you.

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