Rodent Awareness Week – Rodent Control

Are you ready for the winter months ahead? Rodent Awareness Week is here which means it is time to inspect our homes for entry points so that we can get ready for winter, getting the yard free of debris, cleaning out the gutters, checking the windowsills, soffit vents, attic activity, dryer vents, dryer ducts, garage door openings and other door openings. This can be daunting and overwhelming especially if you are not sure what to look for and or do not have the ability to get this done.

Rodent awareness is good for more than just your peace of mind. Not only do they carry allergens, but they can also cause a significant amount of property damage. They also can live in your home for a long time before you ever even know they are there. In fact, more than 1/3 of American homeowners have seen a rodent in their home. Among them, the top three places they were spotted were the kitchen, garage, and basement.

What would your reaction be to finding a pest in your home? Is it about the way they can spread their disease? Because that is a fair concern! Just some of the health risks they pose are hantavirus, salmonella, allergies, asthma, tularemia, and a lot more! You might also be worried about how they breed. Did you know that mice can produce up to 12 babies every three weeks?

This is all without mentioning that rodents spend a good amount of their time chewing on cords and other things in your home. All these reasons are why it is so important to make sure your house is appropriately protected from rodents. This means sealing all cracks – a mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a normal size pen! – around your home, making sure you have any entry points into your home properly blocked for rodents, and clearing the area outside and inside your home so they cannot hide.

If you want more information on the importance of rodent control, mice control, and winterization solutions, then check out this article .

We recognize this is a lot, which is why ABBS PC offers a full-service rodent program that includes rodent exclusion services. Exclusion is the difference between our company and the next. To truly winterize your home and protect it from rodents, you need to eliminate their ability to enter your home. For more information on our exclusion services, visit our website

As your hometown pest control, we want to make sure your family is taken care of and ready for the months ahead.

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